Hey Empress fam! 

Since the lockdown it has been very gloomy and sad all around! 

We at Empressnails have been trying our best in our own small humble way to bring a smile back to your precious faces :)

After speaking to many courier partners, ensuring and making sure that we set up a safe facility for packaging and handling of the parcels, we have finally managed to begin operations again!!

Keeping in mind the safety of our valued customers we have implemented the following

  • Sanitisation of hands before packaging.
  • Ensuring workers wearing masks.
  • Arranging private accomodation for our workers to ensure minimum outside contact (just for essentials)
  • Ensuring sanitisation of parcels thoroughly.
  • Ensuring the sanitisation of hands and temperature checks of our courier partner pick up team.


Personally, I always remembered this poem by Shri Harivanshrai Bachhan back in school when we were small. 

Raat sa din hogaya fir raat aayi aur kaali !!

Lag raha tha ab na hoga is nisha ka fir sawera !! 

Kintu Prachi se nisha ki mohini muskaan fir fir !! 

Happy shopping. You and your precious nails deserve the best😘