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How to use our nails


How Long Do The Nails Last?

Well, how long your false nails stay will depend on the quality of Glue used not the actual nails. If you intend to wear your nails for a week or more we advise a good quality beauty glue easily available in any beauty store. If you are just looking to wear your nails for a day/night event we recommend gel tabs available in store. These are fantastic as they hold really well and can easily be soaked and removed at the end of the day.


Gel tabs or Glue?

Gel tabs are designed for those who want to wear the nails just for an evening/day out. They have a fantastic hold and can easily be removed by soaking in warm soapy water at the end of the day. The difference between the gel and the standard nail tabs is the gel is a slightly thicker pad but with a much stronger hold, the nail tabs are more of a form of double-sided tape. So mainly personal preference.

If you are looking to wear the nails for a longer period of time say a week or more we advise a good quality nail glue as it will have a much stronger hold.

Is it possible to Re-use nails?

So you have worn your nails with glue and want to know how you can get your next wear out of them? After you have soaked your nails in warm water the glue on the back will be soft enough to scrape off ready for the next application (if used gel tabs they will peel off no problem ready to reuse)


How do I know if nails will fit my fingers?

80% – 90% of people gets the nails fit on their finger with our Standard pack of 12 nail sets. If you are concerned you have slightly larger or slightly smaller hands than normal we also have 24 set pack. This includes 10 different sizes for each hand. Once you receive the nails line them up to your actual nail and wear the ones that fit best


Do the sets come with glue?

Yes, all the nails come with Gel Tabs & Glue.


How do I remove my nails?

We advise soaking the nails in warm to hot water to allow the glue to soften. Once you feel the nails become loose you can prise along the side of the nail using another false nail to slowly lift off your natural nails.


Shipping & Returns policy…

Payment Methods

We accept payment via Online, Paytm, Credit / Debit card. COD available in MUMBAI.

Processing Times

So you have placed your order (and you are super excited to try out your set of EMPRESS NAILS) so how long will it take to get your order? We currently ask for around 5-6 working days to receive an order. 

Shipping Information

100 rs shipping on all INDIA orders.


Returns & Exchanges

We have a no return policy, only exchange can be made for products damaged in Transit. Please get exchanged the item in the same condition it was in when it arrived to you within 3 days of arrival.



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